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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What do I get for my money?

Answer: You get the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the country and the world. Actually, the possibilities are endless. Dateable members have not only found romance, but also life-long friends, pen-pals, business contacts, and more. Dateable promises, to the best of our ability, to match you with members who share common traits and interests based on information provided on your application.

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Question: Can you match me with someone in my area?

Answer: Dateable strives to meet the wishes of its members. We will match you with members in your general geographic region provided each meets the otherís matching criteria. However, we encourage our members not to limit their options. We have members throughout the U.S. as well as several other countries. You never know where that special someone may be waiting. For example if you live in New York and we find that the most compatible match for you is a member in California, we WILL make that match.

NOTE: In many cases we can match a member with another member within his/her own state, however, we can not get city-specific.

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Question: What types of disabilities do your members have?

Answer: We serve people both with and without disabilities. Among those members with disabilities are people with mobility impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, speech impairments, and mild learning and cognitive disabilities. We are an equal opportunity dating service.

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Question: Can you match me with someone who doesn't have a disability?

Answer: Approximately 90% of our members have some form of disability. This is largely due to the fact that traditional dating services discriminate against individuals with disabilities. Dateable uses several pieces of data to make a compatible match. Disability is the last factor we consider.

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Question: How do you make your matches?

Answer: We compile a profile of each member based on the information on his/her application. We then use a computer program to match your interests and personality type against that of other members. When we match you with another member, you will receive that memberís profile and he/she will receive yours.

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Question: What can I do to help DateAble International find the best matches for me?

Answer: The information you provide on your application is what we use to develop your profile. The more discriminating you are in describing yourself, your interests, and what you want in a relationship the easier it is for us to find a compatible match for you. For example, when we ask you to choose ten personality traits that describe you best, please choose only ten. You have the opportunity to elaborate on those traits, in your own words, in the next section of the application. Similarly, when choosing your hobbies or interests, please select only those that truly appeal to you. Also, consider opening your preferences up to other races and religions. Others have done so with great success.

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Question: How often will I receive profiles?

Answer: DateAble stresses quality matches over a quantity of matches. With that in mind, we perform the data matching process approximately every 8 weeks. Although, frequently a new member profile or an updated member profile will draw attention from the membership coordinator and a direct match is made outside of the data matching process. The number of profiles you receive can vary from matching to matching.

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Question: Do I need a computer to be a member?

Answer: No. We can send you everything you need by regular U.S. mail. If you need to get in touch with us you can either call us at 301-657-3283 or write to us at:

DateAble Inc.
15520 Bald Eagle School Road
Brandywine, MD 20613

If you do have a computer, feel free to send us email at

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Question: What is your success rate?

Answer: Dateable International has made over 37,000 matches. Over 260 of those matches resulted in marriage. Countless other pairings have resulted in lasting friendships, a source of support, business relationships, and more.

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Question: Why is membership so expensive?

Answer: Actually, Dateable costs far less than traditional dating services and we donít discriminate against anyone in any way. Dateable is a small non-profit organization. We must charge a small fee to cover our operating costs and to ensure the highest quality service to you and all of our members. However, we are willing to work with individuals to arrange convenient payment arrangements.

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