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History of DateAble

DateAble, Inc. is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization founded by Dr. Lucy R. Waletzky in 1987 to combat the social isolation experienced by people with disabilities in her practice. DateAble is also involved with several advocacy issues, groups, and events. Visit the News & Events page for a taste of DateAble's advocacy efforts and special events.

At its inception, DateAble began with DateAble Washington, a non-profit membership organization in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Membership began with the completion of an application followed by a personal interview with the executive director and then the member was eligible to participate in organized social events and matchmaking efforts by a matchmaker. Members enjoyed several annual events as well as a variety of events that the ever-changing Washington, DC area had to offer. Most events were located near a Metro subway station so members could access the events with greater ease.

Making Connections was soon formed as a membership organization for people with cognitive disabilities in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Members of Making Connections participated in organized social events including attending sporting events, watching movies, and participating in discussion groups. Each member had a sponsor who was a family member, friend, or professional that understood the guidelines for membership and encouraged members to participate in appropriate events. Most events were in close proximity to a Metro subway station and metro mentors from Making Connections met members at designated stations and assist them with navigating through the public transportation system in traveling to an event.

DateAble grew to include an organization named DateAble International which was formerly known as Handicapped Introductions (H.I.). DateAble International was a membership organization that provided friendship and relationship opportunities to individuals mostly from around the United States of America yet occasionally from around the world. Members were matched based on their responses to a detailed questionnaire about their interests, type of relationship they are looking for, and geographic area. The attention to detail in providing members with quality matches instead of just a quantity of matches led to positive word of mouth referrals and increased satisfaction from the members.


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