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Summer 2003 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Wow, can anybody say rain!!! We can finally see the sun.  Yes the rain hampered a few of our major events although summer is here.  We have scheduled an event to make up for the one lost; an indoor Hawaiian Luau on July 12th (check your calendar for further information).

On a bright side, DateAble had a Sexuality and Intimacy Discussion group held at the office on the tenth of May.  The group was lead by Sexuality Education Consultant Mary Ann Carmody.  We had approximately 12 individuals show up with very different views.  The topics ranged from where the line is between complementing a person to flirting with a person.   Everyone discussed the big brother syndrome when just before a relationship becomes serious the other person states, "oh I just want to be a big brother or big sister to you.” Mary Ann will be returning to the DateAble office on August 5th at 7:00pm.  Topics can be submitted to me in advance for discussion and depending on the group size and the ratio between men and women the group may be divided into gender groups for an hour and then reconvene for the last hour.  Never feel that you are above a group even an old married guy like me learned a lot.

DateAble is what you make DateAble out to be; for some people DateAble is just a match making vehicle and for others DateAble is a networking tool.  Others are just looking for friendships and trying to understand where they fit into in this world.  I believe the third option is the healthiest because friendship can always bloom into a flower that we could never imagine.  So get out there and make friends because you never know where it may take you.


Calendar of Events
July, August, September 2003

July 2003


Date, Time, Place, and Metro Information

Summer Sounds in the Park

Enjoy the music of local artist Patty Reese during this free, open-air concert.

Date: Thursday, July 10, 2003             
Time: 7:00pm

Place: Wheaton Regional Park, 2000 Shorefield Drive, Wheaton, MD

Meet: At the carousel

Note: The concert is held in a grassy area, so bring a chair or blanket if you will be sitting on the ground.

RSVP by July 7, 2003 to DateAble office.  For cancellation information due to bad weather, call 240-777-6821 after 3pm on the event day, 7/10/03.

Aloha!  Picnic and Dance

With the unpredictable weather during the spring, we’re trying an indoor, evening dance with picnic fare for dinner!

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003              
Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Place: Willoughby Apartments, 4515 Willard Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD

Metro: Friendship Heights

Cost: $10 per person

RSVP by July 10, 2003.

Bethesda Summer Concert

Share an evening with some good music and new friends.  The group is Rockin’ Pneumonia (Oldies Rock).  FYI, there are also concerts on 07/03, 07/24, and 07/31.

Date: Thursday, July 17, 2003              
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Place: Veteran’s Park at the corner of Norfolk & Woodmont Ave, Bethesda

Metro: Bethesda

Meet: At the concert

RSVP by July 15, 2003.


August 2003


Date, Time, Place, and Metro Information

Sexual Intimacy Discussion

Back by popular demand!  If you missed the June discussion, plan on joining us this time.

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2003                  Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Place: DateAble Office, 7830 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD

Metro: Bethesda

RSVP by August 4, 2003.

Sunset Serenades at the Zoo

Enjoy the music of The Cravin’ Dogs (“melodic, roots rock n’ roll”) at this free outdoor concert on Lion/Tiger hill at the zoo.  FYI, there are also concerts on 7/17 and 7/21.

Date: Thursday, August 7, 2003           
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm

Place: The National Zoo, 3001 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Metro: Woodley Park/Zoo

Meet: Main entrance at 6:00pm

Note: The concert is held in a grassy area, so bring a chair or blanket if you will be sitting on the ground.

RSVP by August 4, 2003.

Movie and Game Night

Join Executive Director Robert Watson for a casual evening of a movie and board games.

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2003             Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm

Place: DateAble Office, 7830 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD

Metro: Bethesda

RSVP by August 19, 2003.

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September 2003



Date, Time, Place, and Metro Information

Dinner in Virginia

Meet with friends for dinner and great conversation.  RSVP directly to Marty Fixman who is organizing this event.  If you haven’t attended yet, try it out this month!

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2003             Time: 7:00pm

Place: Pentagon City Mall Food Court (Mall is also known as The Fashion Center at Pentagon City)

Metro: Pentagon City

Cost: Your own meal

RSVP by September 4, 2003 to Marty Fixman at 703-768-5254 or via e-mail at


Watch the Redskins v. Atlanta

It’s an away game so we’re not all traveling to Atlanta, but you’re welcome to travel to the DateAble office to casually watch the game.

Date: Sunday, September 14, 2003
Time: 1:00pm-4:00pm

Place: DateAble Office, 7830 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, MD

Metro: Bethesda

Note: Please bring a snack to share

RSVP by September 10, 2003.


Meet, Greet, and Mingle

Gather for a casual, relaxed evening of conversation and music.  Bring your favorite music CD’s.

Date: Friday, September 26, 2003       
Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm

Place: DateAble Office, 7830 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD

Metro: Bethesda

RSVP by September 24, 2003.



Therapeutic Recreation Opportunities

National Therapeutic Recreation Week will be observed from July 6 - 12, 2003 around the country.  This week is intended to raise awareness in each person’s community about the recreational opportunities available to them.  Below are the contact telephone and TTY numbers for three local counties.  If you don't see your county listed here and you are interested in learning about similar programs, contact your local county government office.

Montgomery County Department of Recreation
Telephone 240-777-6960 or using TTY 240-777-6974.

Prince George's County Therapeutic Recreation Programs Telephone 301-454-1480 or using TTY 301-454-1493.

Fairfax County Therapeutic Recreation Program ACCESS
Telephone 703-324-5532 or using TTY 703-222-9693.

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Who's Making News...

Thank you to Mary Ann Carmody, RN, BSN, and Sexuality Education Consultant, for facilitating an interesting and informative discussion of sexual intimacy issues for DateAble members on June 10th.  Mary Ann is also a member of the DateAble Board of Directors.

Editor's Note:  This is your newsletter, so to see your name in print, submit an article or event idea.  We'd love to hear from you!  Just ask David Baquis, Gregg Donaldson, Edward Jones, Christyna Hunter, and Leonard Weirich who all have had their suggestions or articles included in the current or previous newsletters.

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On a Serious Note...

It is so common to hear discussions about "terror alert levels" on the news, radio, and even in the grocery store.  While we never truly know all the information and data that goes into raising a terror alert, those alerts must be taken seriously and each of us needs to have our own evacuation plan.  The Center for Disability Issues and the Health Professions (CDIHP) based out of Western University of Health Sciences in California has prepared and published Emergency Evacuation Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities and Other Activity Limitations.  The document is 44 pages and is available on the CDIHP website or you may try the following link  The DateAble office also has a copy if you would like to stop by and review it during business hours.  This information is not intended to frighten anyone yet hopefully you will never need to use an evacuation plan.  An excerpt from the introduction of the guide appears below:

Who Should Read This Guide:

This guide focuses on people with disabilities and activity limitations successfully evacuating buildings.  Its goal is to help you strengthen your evacuation preparedness.  It does not address area evacuations sometimes in response to hurricane and flood warnings.  If you answer yes to any of the questions in the box below, you should read this guide.

Will you need assistance in an emergency evacuation?

Do you experience any of the following conditions that could interfere with your ability to quickly evacuate a building.  Circle yes or no for each statement below:

Yes      No      Limitations that interfere with walking or using stairs (joint pain, mobility device user-wheelchair, canes, crutches, walker).

Yes      No     Reduced stamina, fatigue, tire easily (due to a variety of temporary or permanent conditions)

Yes       No    Respiratory (cardiac conditions, asthma, emphysema, or other symptoms triggered by stress).

Yes       No     Emotional, cognitive, thinking, or learning difficulties (may become confused when dealing with unfamiliar and unusual activity during an emergency, lose sense of direction).

Yes       No    Vision loss (may require assistance in learning the emergency evacuation routes).

Yes       No     Hearing loss (may require modification to the standard way emergency announcements, notifications and instructions are provided).

Yes       No    Temporary limitations resulting from, but not limited to: surgery, accidents and injuries (sprains, broken bones, and pregnancy).

Yes       No     Do you rely on technology or medication which may not work in an emergency (hearing aids, wheelchair, gas mask, elevator, lighting, sounds)?

Editor's Note: Thank you to DateAble member David Baquis for suggesting this guide be introduced to DateAble members and staff.

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 Calendar Creations

 With the very rainy and unpredictable spring weather, the annual picnic was cancelled.  To fill our need to picnic food and a party, we're having a special Aloha Picnic and Dance on Saturday, July 12, 2003 at the Willoughby Apartments party room.  See the calendar on the other side for more details.  We'll be having picnic food and one thing we couldn't have at an outside picnic, a DISC JOCKEY!  Call the office for details and to RSVP.

 While the current calendar covers the events for July, August, and September, a special event in October may be of interest to you.  Making Connections is taking an overnight trip to Busch Gardens Amusement Park in Virginia on October 18 & 19th.  A few seats are available to DateAble members for this special trip.  Some of the details need to be finalized, so we'll keep you posted with new developments.  Call the office as soon as possible if you are interested in going.  We may get better rates if we have more people on the trip.

Dates: Saturday, October 18 - 19, 2003

Meet: To be determined

Cost: To be determined

Questions?  Call Robert at the DateAble office, 301-657-DATE(3283)


Keep Cool in the Heat

With the very icy winter and the cooler, rainy spring it may be easy to forget how damaging the heat can be to your health.  Here are some tips from the Centers for Disease Control about managing in very warm weather.  A full list is available on their website at

­ Drink more fluids (nonalcoholic), regardless of your activity level. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Warning: If your doctor generally limits the amount of fluid you drink or has you on water pills, ask him how much you should drink while the weather is hot.
­ Don’t drink liquids that contain caffeine, alcohol, or large amounts of sugar–these actually cause you to lose more body fluid. Also, avoid very cold drinks, because they can cause stomach cramps.
­ Stay indoors and, if at all possible, stay in an air-conditioned place. If your home does not have air conditioning, go to the shopping mall or public library–even a few hours spent in air conditioning can help your body stay cooler when you go back into the heat. Call your local health department to see if there are any heat-relief shelters in your area.
­ Electric fans may provide comfort, but when the temperature is in the high 90s, fans will not prevent heat-related illness. Taking a cool shower or bath, or moving to an air-conditioned place is a much better way to cool off.
­ Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.
­ NEVER leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle.

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 Leonard's Labels

 DateAble member Leonard Weirich is starting up a new enterprise.  Leonard is in the business of preparing return address labels for your correspondence.  Leonard charges $2.00 per sheet of 30 labels and $3.00 for a sheet of 80 labels and is now accepting new orders from DateAble members.  If members are interested, please contact Leonard directly at the following address:

 Leonard Weirich


2213 Shorefield Road, #612

Silver Spring, MD 20902

 Editor's Note: Thank you to Leonard for donating some return address labels to the DateAble Washington office.



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