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Summer 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

As some of you may know, DateAble is going through some changes.  We will still exist but are merging the DateAble Washington membership with DateAble International.  This is an exciting time because not only will you have the opportunity to meet people in the Washington, DC area, you have the opportunity to make new friends from around the country.  DateAble Washington held a Town Meeting on June 24, 2004 to outline the new procedures and membership features.  Please read the minutes from the meeting in this issue of the newsletter.  Of course, if you have any questions, please contact me at the DateAble office or by email

This is a unique opportunity for all of us to move forward as an organization and as friends. 

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July, August, September 2004

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Town Meeting Minutes

A Town Meeting was held for DateAble Washington members on Thursday, June 24, 2004.  Executive director Robert Watson led the meeting and discussed the changes that will be occurring over the next few months within DateAble.  Bonnie, DateAble Washington Office Manager and Matchmaker, created minutes, or meeting notes, of the event.  Thank you to those members who attended the meeting.

  • By combining the two databases total membership will increase to approximately 400.

  • We are looking for a new sponsor for Making Connections.

  • Plans for an on-line membership directory are in the works.  No phone numbers will be shown, only e-mail addresses.

  • There will be 4 or 5 large events per year: Valentine’s Day dance, Picnic, Las Vegas night, Holiday Party, and one other dance or party during the year.

  • Robert explained that the filling out and mailing-in of an application would not guarantee membership; all new members will be subject to a screening process.  Current DateAble members who submit their application during the “free” grace period are exempt from this screening.  Their membership status will be evaluated at the end of their free year (Dec 31, 2005).         

  •  In order for current members to be eligible for their free year, their current membership dues must be up-to-date.  This free period will expire on October 1, 2004.  Their free year is for calendar year 2005. 

  •  Matching will be done once a month via computer.  Matching for current DateAble Washington members will continue on a limited basis.  Since all new applicants will go into the new database, DateAble Washington membership will start to diminish.  The new matching will begin in January 2005.

  •  Robert encouraged member involvement in organizing their own gatherings and get-togethers via e-mailing other members since e-mail addresses will be in the new on-line directory.


This organization was brought to DateAble's attention and we agreed to pass along some brief information.

Hireabilities aims to help people with disabilities who have gone to college or beyond to attain their goals for meaningful work, and it does this through mentoring, networking with employers, and advocacy.  The organization is most in need right now of people who would like to mentor, but people who would like to assist Hireabilities in another capacity are also welcome.  Hireabilities encourages those who have given up on finding work out of frustration to sign-up to be mentored, even if they've been out of school and unemployed for many years.  The organization primarily operates in cyberspace and can be visited at

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